KMS Shining Stars

Melissa Wilson, KMS Teacher

"Both in her role as history teacher and leadership teacher, Mrs. Wilson continues to creatively find ways to keep students connected both to each other as well as to school."

- Melissa Wilson, Teacher

Cory Torpa, CTE Teacher/Director

"As the CTE Director, Cory is working with the staff and community business leaders to bring new CTE courses to Kalama HS and MS. Cory's hands-on projects in his manufacturing class are truly motivating to our students!"

- Cory Torpa, CTE Teacher/Director

Kristy Delashaw, KMS Teacher

"Mrs. Delashaw has masterfully found new ways of connecting with students and families. She strives to create an online learning environment where students feel supported socially, emotionally and academically."

- Kristy Delashaw, Teacher

Tammy Smith, KMS/KHS Life Skills Teacher

"Tammy’s dedication to working with the students she serves is making a positive impact every day. Her team is able to work directly in-person on individual goals with students to ensure they are not falling behind."

- Tammy Smith, Life Skills Teacher

Mitch Kochis

"Mitch has quickly proven to be a great addition to the Kalama secondary staff and its programs. New to the district this school year, his passion for supporting students and staff has led to some great changes and supports."

- Mitch Kochis, Counselor & Coach

Custodial Team

"It is easily forgotten that there is a whole group of individuals who work tirelessly to make sure that our schools are safe and ready for use every single day. It's important to recognize their efforts that so often go unnoticed."

- KSD Custodial Team