KES Shining Stars

Julie Lee, KES Attendance Secretary

"Julie is new in our attendance secretary role and has quickly become proficient in all that it entails. She helps ensure that records are accurate, students and staff are served with a smile, and helps the office run smoothly."

- Julie Lee, Attendance Secretary

Billina Dolezal

"As our dean of students, Billina works with our staff and students in a variety of ways. Recently, she helped KES spearhead holiday support efforts, which meant dozens of children and their families had a wonderful holiday where they might otherwise have had none."

- Billina Dolezal, KSD Dean of Students

Courtney Geier, KES Nurse

"To be new in her position... during the days of COVID! She is doing a great job of assisting students on a daily basis while juggling the demands of tracking symptomatic students and staff and fielding all sorts of questions about COVID-19 and the 'what-ifs' and 'what-nows.'"

- Courtney Geier, KSD Nurse

Carey Sweyer

"Carey has jumped into the role of Head Secretary and is managing all of the pieces that go along with it. She helped facilitate a successful move-in and is very pleasant to all students, staff and parents."

- Carey Sweyer, Head Secretary

Custodial team

"It is easily forgotten that there is a whole group of individuals who work tirelessly to make sure that our schools are safe and ready for use every single day. It's important to recognize their efforts that so often go unnoticed."

- KSD Custodial Team