Amber Doerty

Kalama School District is pleased to announce the hiring of Amber Doerty as Head Coach of Kalama High School’s Varsity Girls Basketball team.

Doerty, a Physical Education Specialist at Kalama Middle School, previously served as the team’s head coach for six seasons (1998-2003). More recently, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was coaching local teams in basketball tournaments.

“We are excited to welcome Amber back to the program and look forward to building long-term success for our lady hoopsters!” said Kevin Wright, Kalama School District’s Athletic Director.

In re-joining the team, Doerty said she plans to focus on “developing well-rounded individuals that demonstrate strong character through dedication to their team.”

“It all starts with consistently putting in developmental work,” she added. “If we do that, I’m confident that we can reach our individual and team goals.”

When asked what excites her most about returning to the role of head basketball coach at KHS, Doerty spoke of her love of the game and of the community.

“When I moved here over 20 years ago, I thought I was only going to be here for a couple of years, but I quickly fell in love with this little community,” said Doerty, who grew up in Petersburg, Alaska. “I’m looking forward to rebuilding the Girls Basketball program and I can’t wait to share my love for the game of basketball and to be able to connect with each of the girls.”

Preseason practices for the team began this week.