KHS student Amelia Jacobs talks about Drama during the annual Elective Fair

For the students at Kalama High School, gone are the days of having to rely solely on a paper or digital pamphlet when it comes time to choose elective courses for the following school year. That's because two years ago, the school opted to take a different approach, and introduced the KHS Elective Fair.

Similar to a traditional job fair, the annual KHS Elective Fair provides students with an opportunity to learn about different course offerings in-person -- only instead of a room full of hiring booths and employers, the walls of the school gymnasium are lined with student representatives and visual information for each of the school's elective offerings.

"I actually really prefer learning about electives this way," said KHS Senior Phoebe Jackson. "I remember walking around the Elective Fair last year and getting to ask a bunch of questions, learning what students enjoy and what I should be expecting. It's better than just reading about different classes on my own and having to figure everything out."

Watch the video below to hear from some of this year's Elective Fair student representatives, as they talk about their experiences in some of their favorite courses:

Kalama High School elective classes are supported by the district's Educational Programs & Operations Levy.