Student Counseling Center

Welcome to Kalama School District's Student Counseling Center! Use the links below to navigate to the counseling services page for your school.

The student counseling team at Kalama School District is comprised of the following staff members:

Sara Cameron, Kalama Elementary School Counselor

Josh Furlong, Kalama Elementary School Mental Health Therapist

Ashley Thurber, Kalama Middle School Counselor

Jane Delker, Kalama High School Counselor

Tina Johnson, KMS/KHS Mental Health Therapist

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About Us

Our goal as school counselors is to support and advocate for ALL students in the following domains:

Academic Achievement:

  • Support scheduling toward high school graduation requirements

  • Support with academic intervention planning

Career & Post-Secondary Education Readiness:

  • Assist with post-high school planning initiatives (High School & Beyond Plan) and personal pathway options

Social & Emotional:

  • Social Emotional Learning Opportunities (SEL)

  • Short-term individual problem-solving and goal-setting

Peer Mediation:

  • De-escalate a mental health crisis that might arise at school and connect students/families to long-term community mental health resources

  • Restorative Justice