1. District establishes MOU with participating college/university.
  2. College/University submits placement request through the district office and fills out placement survey for each candidate seeking placement CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY.
  3. District office communicates with building administrator to see if there is a need in areas requested through survey.
  4. After placement is confirmed by district and university, candidate fills out online application CLICK HERE TO APPLY.
  5. District office contacts candidate to have their fingerprinting completed.
  6. Candidate completes SafeSchools.
  7. Upon final approval, prior to first day, candidate reports to district office to receive their badge and brief orientation.

Deadlines for placement requests are:

Fall (start dates in August – December) – June 1

Winter (start dates in January – March) – November 1

Spring (start dates in April – June) – February 1