Phone call

Kalama School District is excited to introduce the community to a new online resource called the “Listening Center.” 

The idea behind this newly-developed webpage is to help connect parents and members of the community to the right person when they have questions, concerns or general feedback. 

Typically, school-related questions are best addressed at the building level, and the Listening Center encourages page visitors to begin with a phone call to their school. For those who prefer written communication, visitors can select from a variety of categories (HR, curriculum, health and safety, facilities, etc.) to submit their feedback, and can indicate whether they would like a staff member to return their message.

"As a school district, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to encourage two-way conversations with our families and community members, and that's what the Listening Center is all about," said Nick Shanmac, KSD Communications Manager. "We look forward to hearing from and serving our community through this new online resource."

To access the Listening Center, click here