KMS students on stage being recognized

Earlier this month, in a bid to recognize and celebrate outstanding student achievement, Kalama Middle School teachers and staff organized a school-wide assembly and presented more than 60 Semester 1 Awards to students in grades 6-8. 

Among the accolades was the Pure Chinook Award, which honors one student at each middle school grade level for their extraordinary leadership and school spirit. 

This year’s Semester 1 Pure Chinook Award recipients included Abigail Crawford (6th Grade), Lillian Harbell (7th Grade), and Ada Schlangen (8th Grade).

“Abby, Lillian and Ada have shown exceptional leadership throughout the school year,” said Kalama Middle School Interim Assistant Principal Terra Pfeiffer. “They work well with others, and aren’t afraid to take on challenges with resilience and determination. They truly embody what it means to be a Chinook.”

Additional Semester 1 Awards highlighted a variety of student achievements, ranging from academic excellence and hard work, to outstanding citizenship and sportsmanship. 

“The students our teachers honored are not merely recipients of awards; they are architects of their own success stories, shaping a brighter future for themselves and leaving an indelible mark on the legacy of our school," said Pfeiffer.

Semester 1 Award recipients:

  • Brandon Balch
  • Soralla Bautista
  • Matthew Bellika
  • William Bellika
  • Stella Bitton
  • Kennedy Burpee
  • Bristol Castaneda
  • Lance Christensen
  • Rylan Clark
  • Ryleigh Cline
  • Reid Cole
  • Abigail Crawford
  • Hunter Cuzzort
  • Edyn Davenport 
  • Edison Dobson
  • Christian Dunlap
  • Emma Dunsmoor
  • Tayden Eastman
  • Alystaire Gledhill
  • Lilienne Hamilton
  • Lillian Harbell
  • Scarlett Harrell
  • Quinten Hoff
  • Laird Holmstrom
  • Latham Holmstrom
  • Taisynn Johnson
  • Jillian Jones
  • Emery Kamarath
  • Aliviah Ketzbeau
  • Maddie Lougheed
  • Ayla Maho
  • Caleb Marinez
  • Gavin McKenzie
  • Landon Mead
  • Max Moore
  • Emma Nylund
  • Max Nylund
  • Erin Overby
  • Grace Portwood
  • Olivia Presseisen
  • Kenley Scuffy
  • Marley Scieneaux
  • Ada Schlangen
  • Owen Schmeusser
  • Victoria Schmeusser
  • Ava Scott
  • Asher Smith
  • Sophia Stangel
  • Melanie Storedahl
  • Christian Stromberg
  • Adalyn Swires
  • Ethan Tetreaut
  • Laila Thomas
  • Dominik Tracy
  • Addison Van Brunt
  • Hunter Walton Dunn
  • HayleeAnn Weber
  • Elysia Woullet
  • Jacob Yeaman
  • Luana Yeaman

Congratulations, students!