Appreciation video

KSD Superintendent Eric Nerison is issuing praise and commendation for the quick and decisive action taken by district staff and teachers to create a distance learning strategy and plan to safety continue serving Kalama students.

Within 72 hours of Governor Inslee’s first COVID-19-related school closure announcement, Kalama staff returned to school and immediately began making plans to provide distance learning, childcare and food services to the community.

Less than 24 hours after those initial meetings, food services had begun and staff were already reaching out to families and students to engage them with distance learning opportunities.

On Monday, March 23, Chromebooks and educational supplies were distributed to students across the district, allowing them to continue with at-home learning.

A few days later, when it was announced that schools would remain closed through the school year, Kalama staff immediately began expanding their use of distance learning tools to serve students and families.

“Thanks for making Kalama School District the best school district in the universe, even though our circumstances are requiring us to reinvent what that means each day,” Nerison wrote to KSD staff over the weekend. “Keep up the good work!”

The district has produced a short appreciation video for teachers and staff members. View the video below: