Today we wrap up National School Bus Safety Week! A big THANK YOU to the bus drivers, safety officers, motorists and staff members that help ensure our students get to and from school safely.

Here are 10 things students can do to help make their bus driver’s job a bit easier:

  1. Do your part to reduce excessive noise on the bus
  2. Keep things in a backpack or school bag so that items don’t get lost
  3. Avoid changing seats or standing up while the bus is moving
  4. Refrain from putting hands and arms out the window
  5. Respect others’ property
  6. Share a seat when asked
  7. Take your time getting on or off the bus
  8. Use respectful language
  9. Practice good pedestrian behavior when walking to the bus stop (use sidewalks if available, look both ways before crossing the street, etc.)
  10. Be extra quiet if your driver needs to pass a railroad crossing

You can get additional year-round safety tips from the National Association for Pupil Transportation.