Making a Records Request (RCW 42.56)

The best way to make a records request is by emailing us at records.request@kalama.k12.wa.us

Otherwise, records requests are also accepted in writing, by calling, via fax or asking for the records in person using therequest form. Please be sure you submit a detailed description of your request for identifiable records.

Kalama School District

548 China Garden Road

Kalama, WA 98625

Phone: 360-673-5282Fax: 360-673-5228Hours: 7:30AM – 3:30PM Closed weekends & holidays

Responding to Records Requests (RCW 42.56.520)

Within five (5) business days (excluding holidays) after receiving your request, we will:

Provide the record(s); OR

Acknowledge your request and give you a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to respond; OR

Deny the request in writing, stating the reasons for the denial (this could also include a denial of part of your request and a granting of the remainder).

Once the records have been collected, we will notify you of any copying charges. Any records or portion of records that are exempt from disclosure will be withheld or redacted. We will specify the exemption that applies to anything withheld or redacted.

Depending upon the scope of a request, we may respond through a series of installments. Reference RCW 42.56.080.

Inspecting Records

In addition to records being made available as copies, you may elect to inspect a record at no charge. The Public Records Act request process applies whether the records request is for copies or inspection.

Fees (RCW 42.56.120)

Copying Charges:$.15/page after nine pages

Scanning Charges: Actual cost

Compact Disks/Thumb Drive:Actual cost