Athletic News and Updates

Hello everyone - the sports season is finally starting to take shape enough that I feel it is good to give everyone an update, as best we can.

Here is what we know TODAY - and honestly might change tomorrow.

  1. So far the WIAA has NOT ruled on MS sports and is getting guidance from each of the 9 WIAA districts ( We are in district 4) before moving forward with guidance. Our league has voted that we WILL offer MS sports if
    1. Approved by the WIAA
    2. We can make it happen within the county DOH guidelines (understanding that there are 5 different counties represented in our league. Thurston, Lewis, Cowlitz, Wakiakum, Skamania)
  1. The WIAA has divided the sports into 4 seasons this year, and assigned all of the sports into a new season.
    1. Season 1 which is the traditional fall season has become an “alternate” season. Leagues can choose to offer a limited amount of specific sports during this season. I.e. Our league is looking to see if we can offer Golf during this time.
    2. Seasons 2-4 would be:  2- traditionally winter sports, 3 - traditionally fall sports, 4 - traditionally spring sports

You can follow this link to the WIAA generated sheet with current dates and season assignments. (You will notice that season 4 will extend beyond the traditional school year and will not end until the end of June.)

2020-2021 WIAA Modified Sports Season Calendar: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRBAgnCcbDMb6B4eo9iwow1JXZ3iKJ1gngUi3JajLfBJH-Lc1TYE23tJWsGwZhe1Xbjr06lrQjSpNr6/pubhtml?gid=258814753&single=true&urp=gmail_link

2020-2021 Sport Information from WIAA: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSCdpvvWuFyuG8aBz2qS8ymCQlsJ9rm4rDyuZMZecord0Xw6wsoPh-SHrOTRUA6riAJnT_UCTVe4Kv0/pub?urp=gmail_link

Aug 17th begins a No Contact time for the WIAA sanctioned events - no formal practices will occur during this time.

The Fall has become a new “Summer Season” similar to what you would normally see in the summers. (within current state and county health department restrictions) From Sept 27th until early November teams will be able to do activities that in most years we would have done in the summer, i.e. the football team will be allowed a number of padded practices. The Basketball teams could scrimmage/play other teams

 Please check back to this page to keep current on any of our updates: