KES Reopening Guide

Welcome to Kalama Elementary School’s 2021 reopening resource page!

Our school has moved from a remote-only education model to one that includes greater opportunities for in-person learning with full-day and hybrid learning.

Daily health screening/Attestation

Per state guidelines, each day that students attend in-person classes on campus, parents and guardians must attest that their student(s) is free of COVID-19 symptoms prior to boarding a school bus or entering a school building.

To simplify the attestation process, so that families don’t have to submit health attestation forms every time their student has in-person learning, we’ve created an electronic Daily Health Screen Agreement Form. By completing this form, parents/guardians are able to agree in advance to conducting part of this daily COVID-19 screening, and to keep their student(s) at home if they have any symptoms. Families that choose NOT TO complete this form will be required to submit a written attestation of health form every day their student is on campus.

We encourage families to fill out and submit the electronic form as soon as possible and prior to your student arriving on campus for in-person learning.

Daily learning schedules

Daily schedules differ by grade and, in some instances, by classroom. Please reach out to your student's teacher for the current schedule. 

Home-based remote instruction

Families have the option to enroll their student(s) in a home-based remote learning program that is offered all year long. Students in this program will work with our teachers using the same curriculum as their peers on the modified in-person track. Scheduled in-person office hours will also be available to support these students.

Students who sign up for the home-based remote learning program are expected to commit to it for the remainder of the school year.


Kalama Elementary will continue to use Google Classroom this year. To assist you with navigating and logging into this online platform, take a look at this helpful guide. A Spanish version of the guide is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are students required to wear masks on campus?

Yes. When on campus, all students will be required to wear masks and the school will adhere to cleaning and social distancing requirements as outlined by the Washington State Department of Health.

Do students get a mask break during the day?

Yes, students are provided with mask breaks during the day. 

Are school buses operating when in-person learning starts?

Yes, bus transportation is now available. To register your student for the bus, visit the KWRL Bus Registration page.

Can I get school lunch for my student(s)?

School lunches are available to all children ages 0-18 free of charge. Meal pick-ups take place between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at the new school. If you have any questions about the food service program, please contact Heidi Neiman at 360-673-5772.

Where do I find a school supplies list for my grade?

School supplies lists can be found here.

More information

Visit the district's Reopening Guide page for additional resources and more Frequently Asked Questions. If you need to contact the school, you can call the office at 360-673-5207 or reach Principal Lougheed directly at or 360-957-9874.